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The Art of Typewriter Sculpture with @jeremymayer

To see more photos and videos of Jeremyโ€™s typewriter sculptures, follow @jeremymayer on Instagram.

Inside his studio in Oakland, California, artist Jeremy Mayer (@jeremymayer) transforms typewriters into majestic mythological beings. His most recent completed commission is a sculpture of the Greek titaness Theia that is over 7 feet tall (2.21 meters) and made entirely of components from 40 different typewriters. โ€œI donโ€™t solder, glue, weld or wire the parts together,โ€ says Jeremy. โ€œI use only screws, nuts, pins and springs to assemble the sculpture in the same manner that the typewriter was held together.โ€

The painstakingly detailed process to create a full-scale human figure requires more than a year of Jeremyโ€™s time. โ€œI spend countless hours trying to figure out how to put this stuff together,โ€ he says. โ€œDoing an accurate likeness of a person hurts my brain. Hurts so good, though. Thereโ€™s a lot of trial and error. Iโ€™m done when it creeps me out, or if I walk into the studio and the sculpture startles me because it looks like someone is standing there.โ€










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Exploring the Creative Limits of Letterpress with @churchoftype

On this day in 1452, Johann Gutenberg printed the very first book using a printing press with movable type. More than 550 years later, Gutenbergโ€™s invention continues to unlock creative expression. To see more unconventional letterpress creations from Kevin Bradley, follow @churchoftype on Instagram.

Kevin Bradley (@churchoftype) has spent the past 21 years pushing letterpress to its creative limits. โ€œIt wants to be art,โ€ Kevin says of his chosen medium, which he gravitated towards in school because he saw it as a middle ground between graphic design and fine art. Evolution, he explains, is part of his process. โ€œIโ€™ve tortured the space of 18โ€x24โ€ in every imaginable way over the years, and moving up in size has been the key to revitalizing the entire experience.โ€

Kevin recently moved to Santa Monica, California, uprooting himself after nearly two decades in Knoxville, Tennessee. The change of scenery brought with it much needed creative inspiration. โ€œThereโ€™s a lot going on here,โ€ he says. โ€œIโ€™m discovering a whole community. I definitely feel as though Iโ€™m a new animal here.โ€

His recent works reshape the familiar forms of typography into pictures. โ€œI approach these more as paintings than prints,โ€ he says. โ€œEach is one of a kind.โ€ By constructing images from type, explains Kevin, โ€œI am able to create layers of information that contribute to an overall narrative.โ€